Private Club Rules & Etiquette

Keeping Everyone Safe and Relaxed

Here at the Private Club, we are constantly doing everything we can to ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable while you are enjoying your time with us. All male guests are carefully vetted and monitored by the Private Club management team. Just like anywhere else “No” always means “No” if anyone at any time says or does something that makes you feel uncomfortable you only have to quietly let us know so that we can have a discreet word.

Here at the Private Club, we take your comfort and enjoyment very seriously. We go to great lengths to create a relaxed, safe and sexy environment for your enjoyment and pleasure. Etiquette really is a matter of common sense and we really do not want to have a huge list of strict rules.

For those that have not been to the club before we have these guidelines which will ensure you have an amazing time with us.

Private Club Etiquette & Party Guidelines

Every party we hold is slightly different but everyone attending our parties will witness nudity and couples enjoying their sexual freedom. If this may offend you, then our club is not for you.

Guests should treat all other guests with respect and be aware of other people’s comfort and boundaries at all times.

No guest or hostess is ever under any obligation to do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Politely ask if you would like to join a scene and accept it gracefully if anyone chooses to decline your request.

Remember that “NO” always means “NO”, but there is also no need to be rude when saying no.

If anyone is making you feel uncomfortable, please let us know straight away and we will have a discreet word.

Anyone who causes a disruption of any kind may be asked to leave to ensure the enjoyment of everyone else.

If you are a single man visiting a party please ensure you have read and understood the following guides.


Good hygiene is essential at the Private Club. All guests will find towels in their lockers and have access to our showers. Body wash, deodorant and mouth wash are freely available and we ask that you use these before joining the event.

Safe Sex

All sexual activity is protected at the Private Club (although oral sex is at the discretion of the hostess, please ask in advance)

Condoms are available from reception, you must only use condoms provided by us. You cannot use your own condoms.

Condom Rules

Do not approach a hostess with a condom already on. The hostess must see the unopened packet and either watch you put it on or put it on herself.

Do not use the same condom between hostesses.

If your condom breaks or comes off please inform the hostess immediately.

Please use the bins provided for used condoms.


Aggressive behaviour is not tolerated at the Private Club. Please treat the hostesses with respect. Do not pull hair, bite, engage in rough play or speak disrespectfully to the hostesses. Consent is very important, please ask before engaging in an activity with a hostess.

Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs are prohibited at the Private Club. We are a licenced venue and as such we do not allow guests to bring their own alcoholic drinks into the premises. Please be aware that customers who appear intoxicated will be denied entry or asked to leave.

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