Top 8 Passionate Reasons Why We’re The UK’s Best Kept Secret

The Private Club is often referred to as ‘The UK’s Best Kept Secret’. As the club’s membership surges and our renowned bukkake gangbang events grow bigger by the week, that title is being put to the test.

Our club has become the go-to place for swingers, sexually liberated adults, pornstars, fetishists, and everyone in between who is seeking to live out their fantasies in a sex-positive and judgment-free environment.

But what is it that makes us The UK’s Best Kept Secret? What do we offer that few other sex clubs in Europe can? In this article, we will lead you behind the doors of the club to reveal the top 8 things that make us unique.

The Notorious Bukkake Gangbangs

Each week, our club hosts a diverse range of publically accessible gangbangs where you can mingle with like-minded sexually liberated adults and indulge in debauchery the likes of which you’ve never seen!

Some of our most popular events begin with a Bukkake session before moving to the gangbang rooms for an enormous orgy that you’ll never forget!

Entry can be as little as £55 ($70) which is a small price to pay for the experience. the bar is well stocked, and the promiscuous stars of the show always have a lot of sexual stamina. So invest in any energy bar, because this is a fuck frenzy that lasts for a while!

The Chance to Meet (& Play) With Pornstars

News of our club has reached various corners of the adult industry, including that of porn. So it’s common for the stars of our events to be adult actresses who have made quite a name for themselves in the world of porn.

We’ve had girls who’ve starred in the likes of Fake Taxi, Killergram, Pascals Subsluts and more! By attending one of our events, you have the chance to mingle with them and, if you play your cards right, play with them too!

Our Stunning Hostesses

Our friendly hostesses are always on hand to keep the party going, look after the guests, and make sure everything is clean and in order.

Our female hostesses are key parts of any of our events and make great efforts to ensure all of our guests feel safe, secure, and welcomed in a sex-positive atmosphere.

Draught Beer & a Festival Atmosphere on The Roof Garden

Sex clubs are often stereotyped as being behind closed doors and hidden away. We’re not! Our club has its own roof terrace with draught beer, snacks, play areas, and chillout lounges.

Relaxing in the summer sun with beers, cocktails, and scantily clad adults who share the same sexually positive attitude as you. You can’t beat it!

We’re even in the process of building accommodation on site so you don’t have to think about travelling home after an exhausting orgy.

The Chance To Live Out Your Wildest Fantasies!

From big black cock parties and anal orgies to bukkake blowbangs and BDSM nights, we cater to the wildest fantasies of the sex community and welcome them to live it out in a welcoming environment.

And if you’ve always wanted to go Dogging or star in Fake Taxi, we can tick off both of your fantasies in one go! On our roof terrace, we have a real Hackney Cab for you to play in. If the Taxi’s rocking, DO come knocking!

Easy to Reach Location From Birmingham City Centre

Sadly, a lot of sex and swingers clubs are located far out of city centres in areas which aren’t ideal to be travelling home from late at night. Luckily, our sex club is located a very short drive from Birmingham New Street Station.

That’s right! You can be at the club from the station or vice versa in the space of ten minutes. Not bad, right?

High Standards of Cleanliness

We’ve learned a lot from sex clubs around the world. One thing we don’t like is the lack of cleanliness we’ve witnessed in some venues.

So at our club, our team of hardworking staff are always on hand to make sure that the club is kept to an exceptionally high level of cleanliness. After all, our events can get pretty wild!

The Safe, Secure, and Welcoming Atmosphere!

And last but by no means least is the atmosphere we strive hard to create here at the Private Club. We always ensure a fun, safe, and welcoming party vibe that makes our visitors return time and time again.

Whether you’re a couple, single, or otherwise, you’ll be safe and treated well inside the club. Proper swinging etiquette and respect are ensured at all teams and our team is always on the lookout to make sure everything is running as it should.

At our largest events, we even employ door supervisors to add an additional level of security for our guests. For your ride home, we work with a trusted and vetted taxi firm. So rest assured, you’re safe at The Private Club!

How to Visit Us?

But don’t just take our word for it! Come down to the Private Club and visit for yourself. Explore our ever-growing range of orgasmic events to find one which tickles your fancy, book your place, and we’ll be more than happy to welcome you inside. See you soon!


This guest article was written by Catherine Duffy, the creator of Whoreuro Magazine. Through her international sex guide, she adores providing an insight into the lesser-seen corner of the adult industry in Europe and beyond.