Sex Will Keep You Healthy

Here at The Private Club, we don’t need any excuse to have sex. We are a sex club after all – it’s just what we do! And we’re always ready, willing and able. Not everyone is as lucky as us, though. We know that sometimes people hit a sex drought. Not getting any is frustrating, but did you know that going without regular intimacy could be affecting your health?

Yeah, it’s true! We’re not just saying that so you’ll come and play with us. Scientists have actually proved that missing out on good regular sex could actually be making you ill. Don’t believe us? Well, here’s what those in the know are saying.

  • Want to stay more healthy?

When you have sex your body releases a hormone called dehydroepiandrosterone,  This hormone boosts your immune system, meaning that you’re less likely to pick up colds, flu and other bugs, and you will recover faster if you’re unlucky enough to catch one of these.

  • Who said I’m stressed?!?

Sex is a natural de-stresser. That same chemical that boosts your immune system is also a natural anti-depressant. Getting regular sex will make you happier. Plus, as we all know, physical exercise is a great way to burn off nervous energy and reduce anxiety levels.

  • Use it or lose it!

Did you know that if you’re not getting any your sex drive can drop, and you can find it harder to have an erection? When you do, you might find yourself ejaculating far too soon, and no one wants that. Just like any other muscle, your cock needs a regular workout to remain in top form.!

  • Middle-age spread

Sex is a great form of exercise. You might be surprised how many calories you can burn off while having a great time – at least 150 per half hour of gentle sexual activity! Even oral can burn up to 200 calories per hour (although that might be after your tongue falls off).

  • The scary bit

Science has shown that men who go without sex are more likely to develop prostate cancer. So not only would you be missing out on a lot of fun – it could actually kill you!

We’re only thinking of you…

When we say that you need to visit us at the Private Club, the UK’s best-kept secret, it’s for your own good. We don’t want you getting sick. That’s why our lovely ladies are always ready and waiting to tend to your needs, and take care of your health. Check out our opening times and upcoming events. We can’t wait to see you!