Peachy Bums!!

Who doesn’t love a nice, peachy bum? At The Private Club, Birmingham, we’re lucky enough to see plenty of our delicious hosts’ bums at every one of our regular greedy Girl and gangbang parties. But did you know that the worship of women’s bottoms dates back to ancient times?

Women’s bums tend to be rounder and perkier than men’s, thanks to hormone differences. Traditionally, they’re seen as a sign of youth and fertility. In Ancient Greek times, the equivalent of Rear of the Year was awarded to the courtesan with the most voluptuous arse. In Ming China, buttocks were regularly compared to the bright full moon.

The seemingly prudish Victorians were the ones who really got into erotic spanking, and it features frequently in their pornography, from Lady Bumtickler’s Revels to the Exhibition of Female Flagellants. After all, there’s something very attractive about a woman laid across a lap, wriggling away from a spanking, and a glowing-red arse.

Our fascination with asses remains. Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian have made careers out of their derrieres, and the Rear of the Year is a popular contest. Music of all types talks about the appeal of a shaking ass. Some women these days even opt for butt implants to enhance their buttocks.

When you attend a sex party at The Private Club, Birmingham, you’re guaranteed to be admiring some of the loveliest bums in the Midlands. Whether you prefer doggy or cowgirl, you can admire our beautiful hosts’ jiggling cheeks. You can even get to run your hands over them!

If you’re a bum lover, get yourself down to one of our regular greedy girl and gangbang parties at The Private Club, Birmingham.