First Visit To The Private Club

First Visit to the Private Club

So you’ve been looking through our brand new website and you’ve seen a night or an afternoon that you fancy and you are thinking about visiting us for the first time, That great we can’t wait to show you around our newly refurbished club and giving you a warm welcome you to the Private Club. We will be doing everything we can to ensure you are very pleased you have decided to take the plunge!

If you are a single guy you’ll find our lovely hostesses are some of the hottest, horniest ladies in the Midlands. But, it’s your first time and perhaps you’re wondering what happens once you get past that black door. Don’t panic! This guide to visiting The Private Club will ensure that you are well prepared and that you have the best chance of leaving totally satisfied.

Preparation is everything…

A quick word about preparing for your visit. If you don’t have established facial or pubic hair, make sure you’re completely clean-shaven. Remember day or two-day-old stubble in either area is like sandpaper, and you don’t want to make our ladies’ delicate bits sore. Make sure you’re completely clean (obviously) you can have a shower here and freshen up if you need to. Make sure your breath is fresh too, but don’t drown yourself in aftershave.

What do you need to bring?

You don’t need to bring much at all. Photo ID is a must, photocard driving licence or passport as we’re required by law to check your age, however old you are. But don’t panic – The Private Club respects your privacy and complies with all aspects of Data Protection. This is why we insist that all mobile phones or anything that can record images are carefully locked away in your locker at all times.

You’ll also need cash as we don’t accept any other form of payment. As well as your entrance fee, you’ll need enough to cover a £5 locker deposit (returnable when you return your key), and enough for any drinks, snacks, condoms, or Kamagra that you purchase. If you would like a drink we have a fully licenced bar serving soft drinks and all alcoholic beverages in our new chilled and relaxed bar area. And that’s it! You’re ready to go

On the other side of the door

If it’s your first time with us we give you a warm welcome and you’ll get a guided tour of The Private Club. We provide everything you need in terms of showers, towels, shower gel, and even deodorant and mouthwash. Ladies are welcome to delight us in their sexy dresses and lingerie.

Get settled in

The first thing to do at the Private Club is to get undressed and if you haven’t arrived straight from your home or hotel you need to freshen up and have a shower. Being clean for our lovely ladies is only polite. Your towel can be used to protect your modesty while you’re waiting to play. We have plenty of towels, with different sizes available, so feel free to ask. Extra towels are available for a small fee. You don’t need to carry money around with you, as anything you purchase from the bar or the counter will be allocated to your locker number, and you settle up at the end when you return your key.


Playing safe

Before each greedy girl party session, we go through a short set of rules. These are designed to ensure that everyone has a fun, safe experience. The most important rules you need to be aware of are:
• Only condoms bought at The Private Club can be used. We know that they’re in date and fit for purpose.
• All sex is safe sex, and condoms must be changed between ladies. Try to make sure that the ladies see you put the condom on. If you put it on inside out, you will need a new one. You can always ask our hostesses to put it on for you if you’re unsure.
• No delay sprays or gels, as these can cause our ladies’ throats to be sore and swell. Kamagra is available from the counter at just £5 a tablet.

Always ask before doing anything, and our hostesses always have the right to say no.

Sharing is caring

We hold a wide variety of events, some parties are more swinger friendly and we also have fetish events as well. Remember the golden rule is NO ALWAYS MEANS NO and if you make any other gust feel uncomfortable you will probably be asked to leave. Many of our events are Greedy girls, Bukkake or gangbang parties. That means there will be other guests wanting to play with our horny hosts. Please be patient, and also be aware that other people are waiting for their opportunity to play as well. Our parties last a minimum of three hours, so there’s plenty of time for everyone to have fun. But always be aware of other people’s enjoyment as well as your own.

Take a break

Our sexy hosts love playing with you all but they do need and deserve a break. When our ladies are off the beds, they’re not working. Please respect that they’re off the clock at these times and let them have a little space to rest. They’ll be back shortly! Equally, in the showers, they’re just there to get clean and fresh, not continue the session.


Before heading home satisfied and worn out by our lovely ladies, remember to hand your key in at the counter and settle your bill. If you need a taxi just ask our counter staff to call you one.
And that’s all there is to it! So that’s it you are all set to join us for your first Private Club experience. Check out our Events page, and cum along soon for the time of your life! We think you’ll be very glad you did!