Variety Is The Spice of Life

Variety is the spice of life

As the old saying goes, variety is the spice of life! That’s why, at The Private Club, Birmingham, we make sure that we provide you with a plethora of the hottest, sexiest hosts in the Midlands at our sexy greedy girl and gangbang parties.

Just as you love variety, so do our lovely ladies. Maybe that’s why they’re so horny! But when you’ve been in a relationship for a while, it’s easy to get in a sexual rut. Missionary, doggy, cowgirl. Yawn! And why does sex always have to be in the bedroom? Spice up your sex life with some of these ideas instead!

Sliding doors…

A door frame can be a surprisingly good sex aid. Standing in the doorway, put your back against the side and slide down into a squat. If you feel unsteady or are finding the frame a little hard on the lower back, put your hands there. Now get your partner to spread her legs and back up until she’s impaled on your cock. Once she leans forward, she’s free to bounce up and down at her (and your) pleasure!

Good: she’s doing all the work so you can lean back and enjoy!
Bad: could be hard on the thighs and might challenge your balancing skills.


While this looks like you might need a degree in Jenga to achieve this entry, it’s actually pretty easy. Start in your standard cowgirl position with your cock inside her, then get her to lower herself backwards until she’s lying flat. Once there, bend your knees up, and grind against each other. Simples!

Good: ideal for long, enjoyable sessions with plenty of sensation.
Bad: probably won’t get your rocks off.

Speed bump

Like it fast and furious? Then, despite its name, the speed bump is perfect. Get her lying on her stomach across a cushion. Slide your cock in her pussy, lie down over her (making sure not to crush her!) and pump away!

Good: great for fast, hard orgasms, or when you fancy a quickie.
Bad: skin on skin plus vigorous pumping equals lots of sweat!

Edge of heaven

Using a bed or chair, sit on the edge. Once she’s settled on your hard cock, hold her hands as she raises her legs so they’re resting on the bed or chair. Off you go!

Good: deep penetration.
Bad: you’re doing all the work. And be careful not to let go or you’ll be in the doghouse!

Stairway to heaven

Stairs can be a great place for some impromptu fucking. We’re sure you can figure the mechanics of this one out yourself, but for deep penetration and pornstar points, get her to lift her leg up over your shoulder.

Good: great for when you want it raw and dirty.
Bad: beware of carpet burn or bruising her back – could be tricky to explain!

Party time!

When you attend a swingers party, a sex party a greedy girls night or an afternoon gangbang or bukkake party at The Private Club, Birmingham, we offer you a smorgasbord of variety with our horny hosts. Blondes, brunettes, or redheads. Small boobs, big boobs, angelic or devilish, we have them all!

So if you need some spice in your life, get yourself down to one of our six super sexy parties at The Private Club, Birmingham. We can’t wait to welcome you in.

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