Is it Good To Swallow?

Do you swallow? At The Private Club, we’re sure that’s a conversation you’ve had at least once with at least one lady. We know that some ladies aren’t keen on the idea of swallowing spunk. Well, maybe we can help.

You see, real scientists have done proper research into the benefits of swallowing sperm. Yes, there are apparently genuine health reasons that might just persuade your special lady friend to change her mind next time you are having a blow job. So next time you fancy a little throat action, you have science on your side.

Keep ‘em smiling, keep cumming

Is your special lady friend feeling a bit down? As we’ve said before, sex itself is a proven mood-booster, but scientists at the State University of New York found that exposure to semen actually reduced the symptoms of depression. Seriously! This may be due to hormones found in the fluid, although the exact reason is still be confirmed.
In addition to combating depressions, recent studies suggest that sperm can lower blood pressure, which can be caused by stress. If you know someone who needs to relax or cheer up, it’s only fair to share.

Sleeping beauty

Again, while sex is great exercise, which can wear you out ready for a good night’s kip, spunk also contains melatonin. This is a chemical that is proven to aid sleep and relaxation, even more so than many over the counter medications. If your partner is struggling to sleep, why not offer to help them out with a nice mouthful of your special sleep aid? It’s only for their benefit…

Vitamins & Skin health

The experts keep banging on about balanced diets and making sure we get all the vitamins and minerals we need. Well, it turns out that your cum can help achieve this. Just one teaspoon contains over 200 proteins, plus vitamins C and B12, calcium, magnesium, citric acid, sodium, and zinc. Semen can also contain up to 3% of the recommended daily zinc dose, and that’s important because zinc is a key ingredient for those ladies worried about premature ageing, as it’s an antioxidant that has been shown to slow down the ageing process. There are even beauty products now available that include spunk. So when you offer a lady a facial, just remind her that you’re actually keeping her gorgeous!


We’re sure you are, but hopefully, your favourite lady is now as well. After all, why wouldn’t she be with all these benefits?

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