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Is the Club genuine?

We are all familiar with the adage that if something appears to be too good to be true it usually isn’t, so it’s quite understandable that you may be sceptical. But you needn’t be, the Club is 100% genuine!

If you really need convincing then you could always subscribe to the clubs paysite, FULL PENETRATION, for a month for £10. This contains exclusive photos and videos from the Private Club parties, so you can see for yourself exactly what goes on. (See Content Events).

Can I see the Girls 'Privately'?

The simple answer is no. The Club Girls do sometimes go in the Private Rooms, but on these occasions the door must remain open and accessible to anyone. On a related point do not attempt to monopolise a Girls time, remember that there are others who want to spend time with her so be considerate.

Do the Girls do Anal Play?

Generally the girls don’t do anal activities, but please feel free to ask - you may be lucky. The club has hosted a number of Anal Nights as specials, so keep checking the events page.

Does the Club host Fetish events?

On the 3rd Thursday of evry month (usually) we host our Adventurous Adults Night. This is where people with a taste for 'experimentation' are actively encoraged to explore. Sometimes they are themed events and sometimes we just 'go with the flow' but you will definately be gauranteed a night that broadens your horizons.

What are 'Content' events?

Occasionally you will notice events advertised as Content Events. These are regular parties at which photographs/videos are shot, these are then put on the Club’s paysite FULL PENETRATION. The club members faces or distinguishing marks such as tattoos are obscured to retain anonymity.

These are excellent events to attend if you fancy being a Pornstar and maybe downloading and keeping a video of yourself in action. These events also often have well-known special guests from the adult industry.

What Facilities are there at the Club?

The club has all of the facilities that you would expect or need. Specifically, 2 playrooms equipped with luxurious leather sofas. Four private rooms and two semi-private rooms and much much more!

What should I expect on my 1st visit?

On your first visit to the Private Club you will be given a tour by one of our staff, told the rules and informed of anything you will need to know. You will also have to fill in a membership form and provide photographic ID. This is for everyone’s safety and you can be assured we release this information to no one else. On completing this you will be given you locker key where you will find your towel and you can put your belongings safely.

Once you are settled and ready for the action you can find a range of items for sale at our non-alcoholic bar. We do not serve alcohol ourselves but you are welcome to bring your own; we can store it in the fridge for you The bar stocks a range of soft drinks as well as water, tea, coffee and a small range of snacks to keep the energy up and running. Also available here are Viagel and Kamagra and of course condoms (a must!).

You don’t have to worry about carrying cash around as we have a tab system which allows you to get what you need during your visit and pay in full at the end when handing your key in.

A £5 deposit is charged for your locker each visit but this is returned upon the handing your key back in or settling your tab


How many (Single Males, Single Female or Couples) visit on an 'average' night?

One thing that you will quickly learn is that there is no such thing as an average night at the Private Club, each and every one is unique!

That’s because there are so many different factors involved, a few of which are - time of year, time of month (pay-day), day of week, afternoon or evening event, normal event, special event, content event, the girls present at the event, the weather, road works, sporting events, televised events…

So we gave up indicating who/how many will attend a long time ago, because whatever number we came up it, the chances are it would be wrong on the night you visit!

What is the age range of attendees?

The minimum age for entry to the Private Club is 18 – there is no upper age limit. At any event there is usually broad age range present, so whatever your age you won’t feel like the ‘odd one out’.

What is the ethnicity of Club attendees?

As with age there is a broad ethnic range represented. So you won’t find yourself standing out at the club.

I'm concerned about my looks/Physique...

It’s an understandable and very common concern/question. The truth is that there really is nothing to worry about. No one is perfect and you will find people of all shapes, sizes and ages at the club, it’s a very non-judgemental place. Everyone is more interested in enjoying themselves than comparing size or performance!

What's the dress code?

Single Males : The dress code is a towel which you will find in your locker.

Single Females : It is up to you, usual dress is lingerie/skimpy clubwear.

Couples : The males can dress how they please, ladies also, but the usual dress is smart/casual for men (then changing to a towel/tight boxers later and sexy lingerie/skimpy clubwear for women.

I'm new ( and nervous)... How do I approach people?

You don’t have to do anything in particular other than to engage them in polite conversation. Then you can find out each other’s interests and it should be fairly obvious whether or not there is any chemistry. Don’t be pushy and if there isn’t any interest don’t be offended.

It’s also not a particularly good idea to follow a couple or a single girl around like a shadow; it won’t improve your chances, quite the opposite. At best it’s mildly irritating and at worst it’s moderately creepy.


How do I join in?

With couples the only assumption that you can make is that they are happy for you to watch. Generally they will make it clear whether or not they want others to join in, if there is any doubt whatsoever always ask first. If they don’t want others to participate, just enjoy the show. Don’t crowd them otherwise you may spoil their enjoyment and spoil the view for others who are trying to watch.

The performers at The Club are waiting for you to join in! Just walk on up and say hi ;)


What if I require more information?

You can contact us at: The Private Club, Wainwright Street, Aston, Birmingham, B6 5TJ. UK.

Email us direct at :

Or call us on the phone:

Within UK – 0121 328 3284
Outside UK - +44 121 328 3284

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