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The Club rules, in brief, are:
  • Be respectful and considerate to the Girls and Club management/staff, they are there to help you enjoy your time at the Club.
  • All activities are consensual and consent MUST be sought before engaging in any activity – No ALWAYS means No.
  • Condoms MUST be used for penetration and MUST be changed when moving between ladies. Additional condoms can be purchased at the bar/counter.
  • If a condom breaks or comes off, inform both the Girl and a member of staff immediately so that the situation can be dealt with.
  • Oral sex is usually, but not always without a condom, it is at the Girl's discretion.
  • Hygiene is important, as body odour can be both embarrassing and unpleasant. The Club has three large shower rooms and shower gel and towels are provided.
  • Mobile Phones, these must remain switched off and left in your locker, the reason for this is to respect the privacy of those present. Specifically to avoid misuse of the phone’s camera. If you need to make a call ask a member of staff and they will escort you to a secure area where you can use your phone.
  • Cameras, as with mobile phones, their use is prohibited, again for privacy reasons.
  • Smoking, due to Government legislation, smoking within the Club is prohibited. However a private and heated smoking area is provided at the rear of the Club.
  • On leaving the Club return your locker key and pay your bill if you have purchased anything from the bar - Not forgetting to collect your £5 locker deposit!!!!
  • Private Room Etiquette - If the door is closed those inside do not wish to be disturbed, do not knock on the door or attempt to open it. If the door is open those inside are happy for others to watch, they may also be happy for you to join them. ALWAYS ask first and then wait to be invited before joining in.
  • If you breach (or attempt to breach) any of the Club rules you will be spoken to by a member of management who will remind you of the rules. Depending upon the severity you may also be asked to leave and in the most severe cases you may be permanently barred.

Upon joining The Private Club the rules are explained and you have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have at that time (or ask a member of staff as and when the question comes to you).

The rules are also reiterated before the event begins so there is no confusion as to the rules of The Private Club. They are there to ensure everyone has a brilliant time so please follow them.