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The Club is open for a minimum of 6 events per week, and these opening times are:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday Daytimes   12pm (Noon) to 4pm
Wednesday & Friday Nights   8pm to Midnight
Saturday Nights   8pm to 2am

The club also hosts special daytime/evening events, often on Tuesday & Thursday. You can find these in the events section of the website. There is no advantage to arriving before the advertised opening hours, unless you're partial to queuing outside!

Event Times

In the afternoon the girls hosting the party will be introduced at 12.30pm and will finish playing at around 3.30pm. On evening events during the week, the hosts are introduced at 9pm and will finish playing around 11.30pm. On Saturday nights the greedy girls are introduced at 9.30pm and finish playing around 1.30am.

This gives everyone a chance to relax, shower, have a drink, and generally chill out before the party starts and allows them time to wind down once the party is ending.

Please note however that couples may begin and finish playing at any time, they can start playing whenever they want, as long as we're open that is!