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The Private Club offers very reasonable membership and admission pricing. We offer membership for single Gentlemen, Couples and Single Females. With membership there is no limit on the amount of times you visit the Club.

Membership is required for entry which is available on the door. Temporary membership is also available for single time use. To become a member you must provide photographic proof of identification, for example a Driving License, Passport or two utility bills dated no more than three months previous. For a couple both parties must bring along photographic ID. You must then complete a membership form and pay the membership fee (if applicable). On acceptance you will be provided with a membership card. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone deemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs; abusive; unsuitable or under-age. This list is not exhaustive and the management reserve the right to change and alter this list at their discretion.

Please note that we do not take photocopies of the ID, they are merely to check your age. Upon joining, we do not take an address, our membership form merely asks for your name, home town, what type of ID shown (passport, drivers licence), date joined, and duration of membership. We ask where you heard about us, and that is it. No other information is recorded unless you expressedly request that it be so. Our records are kept in a safe, locked office. 

Members must produce their Membership Card every time they visit the Club. If you do not have your membership card, you will not be allowed entry into the Club. If you do lose your card there is a cost for replacement which is £30.

The Club offers a totally unique experience for the single man as it actively welcomes the single bloke to enjoy the full Private Club experience. Unlike most swingers clubs we do not limit the number of single males who attend events. We wish to welcome you and hope that your experience will live up to both your expectations and our high standards.

It is the Private Club’s unique setup that makes it so popular with Couples and Single Females. Guys, this is the only place to go for your lady and yourself to indulge in your wildest fantasies. Many of the girls are bisexual and love for the ladies to join in with them, if you are unsure ask either the girl herself or one of the management.

The real difference between the Private Club and other ‘swingers’ clubs is that there is no pressure to do anything as the single guys are already being occupied! Because of this very simple fact the options for the ladies are simple, either enjoy the atmosphere and admire the very sexy view, or join in the fun! It is the totally relaxed, zero pressure atmosphere that makes the Private club not only unique but unmissable.

Please note – couple membership cannot be used by the male alone.

Single Males   Usually £50 per calendar year or £30 for 6 months membership
Couples   Free!
Single Females   Free!
Temporary single event membership for single males - £20
On special events we offer one year membership at a special price of £35.

  Monday - Friday   Saturday Night
Single Males   £45   £55/£65
Couples   £25   £25
Single Females   Free!   Free!

Any member attending an afternoon event will be given the option to attend the evening session with at  £10 discount during the week. This offer does not apply to Saturdays.

Non members may attend all events, entry is the normal entry fee plus the temporary membership fee, which equates to £40 or £50 plus £20 temporary membership.

You may upgrade your temp membership while in The Private Club by simply paying the extra required for membership - £10 extra for 6 months and £30 extra for a year.

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